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Planting a tree correctly can be the difference between a tree thriving, a tree barely surviving and a tree not making it at all.

There are so many factors that can affect the longevity of a tree-

1) Proper Spring Digging- Trees are quite simply, not meant to be moved. When we dig trees in the spring we are defying their natural process as a living thing and we need to ensure everything is done in accordance to proper industry standards to ensure survivability. Do some research on your tree farm/nursery/supplier before purchasing!

2) Proper Tree Selection- Not all trees can survive in the same conditions- A spruce tree planted in a low wet area probably isn’t going to thrive as well as a Willow or more water loving specie. Do some homework before purchasing! Different growing zones are given for each different growing region, making sure you choose a tree that is zoned for your area is very important. We can help with this as well if you need help selection the best tree for your growing area.

3) Proper Tree Planting Depth- Ensuring trees are planted at the correct depth, very commonly we hear clients telling us they plant their trees way too deep. Trees actually have feeder roots that require oxygen from the surface for the tree to survive. When you plant too deep you are essentially burying them alive (bad pun intended).

Honestly, we could go on and on and on- but we will spare you! To keep it short and sweet- There’s a lot to it and purchasing trees is a big investment so why not give your trees the best chance or survival and hire an expert to do the hard work and make sure the job gets done correctly!


Our tree planting services are affordable and we offer fast services. Get your locates done and let’s get your trees installed! Most garden centres will make you wait months to get your trees installed- We understand that your job is important and we want to get your trees in the ground as fast as possible.

Did we also mention that getting a quote is free? Fill out our form today and let’s get your trees planted!


Alberta Tree Planting offers full-service tree and shrub planting, which includes digging the hole, planting the tree with supplied soils, fertilizers and additives and backfilling around the tree. We also clean up after the job is complete! Let us know if you require any excess soil to be removed from the job site after planting! All that we require from you is all utility locations marked prior to any digging or planting and marking the planting locations of each tree so our crew knows where you would like everything planted.

Skid steer installation required a minimum of 8ft machine access into your yard. At this time we do not offer any manual installation service on large basketed trees- only small potted.


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Alberta Tree Planting

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skid steer for hire professional tree planting alberta calgary okotoks high river lethbridge
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  • Caliper / Basketed Tree Planting
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